Monday, 28 September 2009

Well I have been back for a week and this is the first chance I have got to blog a few of my holiday photos! I have not even been near my crafting stuff!!!!
This is john and I with the maddest couple I have ever met! they were so much fun, my cheeks were sore with laughing!
This is Edward! He goes on every holiday!
Some old monastery at Baffa Lake
And of course the good old beach pic lol

Now just counting down the sleeps till Amsterdam, 26 to go lol
I am now getting VERY nervous about my 4 cards I have to produce for my months stint as a GD at PFP. Will really need to look into getting some more stamps, everyone will be sick fed of of my gg's lol REALLY need to get some practice in!
Manda xx

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  1. fab pics Manda, love the "some old monastery" lol
    I have a few stamped images for you - will try to remember and post them soon