Saturday, 28 February 2009

Quick post

Have to say it looks brighter in real life! Used the flocking glitter on the flowers, butterflys and the wings of the dragonfly. I love playing with this stuff lol
Now got to go to WORK!!!!

Friday, 27 February 2009

woohoo can spend again

My order has been placed lol getting it delivered to my work. Myself and Nicky have ordered nearly £30 worth lol But we got LOADS Can not wait!!!

Will post my eye melting card when I get home. Took photos at work today as the lights in here are bright!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nearly Friday - pay day - spend money on crafting stuff day!

I have spent a fortune in my head today lol Got my basket full in mad for cards, ready to hit send order tomorrow when I get paid! woo hoo

Spent tonight playing about with the flock glitter again! Starting to get good results with it now. Must say I think I might need to tone down my colour combinations though. the card I made tonight you need sunglasses to see it lol. Will take a photo tomorrow when the light is better. Have warned you! I am not responsible if when you look at it your retinas melt!!

I am off to bed to read some of my book and use my lovely new bookmark I got in the post today from Deb. Ta Doll xxxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another night of card making

I am quite happy with this card. So much better than the first one I made which is in the bin! I was playing about with colour combinations and made a real mess lol
Was not sure yellow and pink went together but I like the bright colours.
Football is on again tonight so may even make another card!
Had a really awful day today sooo much bad news in one day! Makes me realise how lucky I am!

Any way tomorrow can not be worse, so hurry up tomorrow!

Monday, 23 February 2009

wow 3 posts in one day!

Anyone would think I was getting into this card making!

Well this is today's card. I used 2 of the creative tones borders from PM (black and ivory) then stuck a pink flower brad onto a black button (hubby is gonna kill me! I used superglue and it ran through the holes onto my glass computer desk! oops)
Quite happy with this one. The more I practice and all that lol


Here are the 3 cards I am willing to show! lol the otheres are in the bin.

Got lost with the dress one and can not think what else to do with it. Coloured it with my smirk glitter pens. I love them lol

Am quite happy with my blue and white card though. might even give that to someone!

Another day of making cards!

Yup I gone and done it again!!! Spent yesterday afternoon playing about with different colours, flock glitter and brads lol

Even made a card I quite like! So getting there.

Have just been and had my usual trawl round everyone's blog to gain a bit of inspiration. Found some fantastic cards that are way out of my league but I can keep trying to improve!

Kath has some FANTASTIC Birthday candy go have a look at her creations and leave a comment for a chance to win. Her cards are fab!

Well I have just made 2 black buttons into embellishments and I am going to go try make a card round them. Wish me luck lol

Saturday, 21 February 2009


I have been neglecting my blog!
I got loads of goodies delivered on Thursday from craft superstore. I have only made 2 cards with it so far and I am not very happy with the results! I so have no imagination yet when it come to art! I have even found myself dreaming about making cards!!!! What the hell is that all about????

Had the day from hell yesterday. Will not tell you what I think of our local council because I do not want to have to use the star icon that much! Ended up greeting on the phone I was that angry! Scottish Water are just as bad!

Oh I finished Twilight on Tuesday and I am now on the next one (cant remember the name) Twilight was good easy reading, I am hoping the others are a bit more eventful though.

Well seeing as I cant sleep (been up since 3am) I am going to go try and make a decent card!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


I have been tagged by the lovely Deb for this Friendship Award. Thanks doll xx
I am going to tag Mar, Lainy, Tracy and poppet I know thats not 5 but it is all I got! lol

Monday, 16 February 2009

I have soooo got the bug!

Just wanted to say thanks to Debs for all the lovely stuff she sent me in the post on Saturady. Having to say it again as she did not hear me when I said it on Saturday as she was laughing so much at the card I sent. lol

After taking my hubby to work I sat and made 2 cards before 10am this morning!! This is getting bad! Then after being a taxi this time taking my mum to work, I went shopping.

Bought papermania flock glitters, A smirk glitter marker set (which is fab!) and some white Happy Birthday stickers.

Went to Mar's for a cuppa and to drop off a card I had made for her. She has given me even more stuff. Had to remind her that I only have a one bedroom flat! Storage is an issue lol

Anyhoo here a couple of my cards so far ....I so need to get a decent camera.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


I spent the afternoon making a card! Watched the football and made a Birthday card for my Aunt. Will post the pic in the morning. Just can not believe that is how I spent my afternoon lol


Sent a fab card to ma pal Deb and she hated it!!!

Well I should hope so!!! Was bloody awful! She should get the real card I made for her on Monday! Took me longer to make a crap card than the good one!!!!! lmao

So SORRY for winding you up Deb!!!

You now know I can keep it going lol


Had a good day

My hubby is a SHI* He got me 12 red roses! We had agreed no presents! He only got them to make me fell guilty lol I DONT!

Well it was my neice's Birthday today and she was hyper! She got her bedroom tranfered into a Hannah Montana room. My sister had even covered the door in black bin bags and had a reveal this morning. It looks fab!!!! She has painted the walls white and got transfers of Hannah Montana, Guitars and other girly stuff that goes lol Ellie absolutely LOVED it. I bought her a huge crafting kit! It had over 1000 pieces, she is now 7 but has been into crafts a lot longer than me!! lmao

We went to a local restaurant for lunch with all the family then back home to open our magnum of Bollinger! What a disappointment! It was quite sweet and we drank the whole lot and not even tipsy!

Watched loads of crap tv! Did think about doing some craft work but think I will wait till I can get the hang of the watercolour pencils........


Friday, 13 February 2009

Another day of crafting lol

I have bought watercolour pencils, some sticky pads, double sided tape and some paper today. It came to nearly £20!

Spent the afternoon tyring out the new pencils they take a bit of getting used to but I think I managed an OKish card. Will be able to take photos and the end of the month when I get my new camera! That is if I don't spend all my money on crafting stuff lol

It is my niece's birthday tomorrow so going out for my lunch at a local restaurant the off home to drink my champers! woohoo

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Well I have finally managed to get a photo of my first card! Thanks Mar and Deb! I am hoping to get a new camera at the end of the Month. Have even picked it.

Still not done any more crafting. Need to go get something to colour in the lovely stamps I got from Debz then I will play about at it again. I am so not arty so I am still not sure how it will go lol. Maybe be better after a glass or two of wine lol.

Going to get supplies tomorrow so watch this space.......

Oh and as an after thought I should finish Twilight tonight or tomorrow. Not got much left to read. It is a great book!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Good day at work

Woohoo Looks like I have a job for another year! The local council have finally decided to give Signpost a bit of funding and that makes up the shortfall we had for the year. The lottery funding has stopped but hey I am sure the London Olympics will be worth it!!!!

Just soooo relieved to still have my job. Didn't even have a glass of wine to celebrate! Being a good girl. Only cos I am saving myself for the magnum of bubbly we have for Saturday. We got it for New Year but did not get round to opening it. Cant wait I love champagne! Wont say what it does to me but John doesn't complain ;)

Even found myself looking at craft sites today ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Monday, 9 February 2009

Made my first card!

HONEST I did, just canny show it lol having major tech difficulties with the software for my phone.

Went to Mar's today to deliver her Birthday present and she sat me down and made me make a card lol

Would love to say I used this that and the other but all I know is I used paper, card, a stamp,something that makes pretty patterns on the cards and colouring in pens!!! lmao

I am sure it was more technical than that but hey I am NEW!

I am really happy with it though even if I now have a sore neck from leaning over the paper for 3 hours! I could have been to hallmark 10 times by then heehee

Happy Birthday MARION XXX

Just wanted to say happy Birthday to Mar

Hope you have a great day! Oh and mind have the kettle on its freezing oot there!! Will be there at 10.30 xx

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Typical Sunday

Have not done much. Been to ma maws to visit.

Must say though my dinner was fantastic! I love good old fashioned stew and tatties (with my wee added touch of course!)

Watched dancing on ice Todd has got to go this week surely! Although it is funny watching him try to stay upright never mind dance on the ice heehee.

Going to see Mar tomorrow Its is her Birthday, but I wont give her age away! (Be there about 10.30ish OK Mar?)

Right off to watch the results show now.

Tata x

I've been tagged?

Been tagged by Mar, not sure what this is but will give it a go! OK was tagged by Debz too!

Anyway with this tag I've to list 20 random facts about myself & then pass it on to 5 others!(canny do that cos not got 5 friends lol)Ok here goes..........

  1. I have had tetanus.
  2. I support Heart of Midlothian football club
  3. I married a celtic supporter!
  4. It is 205 sleeps till i go on my holiday to Turkey
  5. I am going to see Jimmy Carr in concert in May
  6. I wear size 6 shoes
  7. I cant wear flat shoes! (REALLY MAR I CANNY!)
  8. I have over 1000 badges in pogo games
  9. I love to play on my DS
  10. I can not burp
  11. I love wine!
  12. I love my gadgets
  13. I may very well be about to start talking about paper, sciscors and stamps.
  14. My cup size is E lol
  15. I am trying to grow my nails for the umpteenth time! lol
  16. My favorite animal is a hedgehog
  17. I am still on my first week of blogging
  18. I have a brother and a sister who are both younger than me
  19. I work for a charity called Signpost
  20. I worked for a nursery for children with additional needs for 14 and a half years.

Manda x

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Ma team is oot the Scottish Cup :( wtf!

Been quite busy today been food shopping and visited my mother in law. It was her Birthday.

Have even prepared tomorrow nights diner. Got my stew marinading in red wine, garlic and seasoning. Watched Saturday kitchen today and he made an amazing wild boar pie, so that's what I am making tomorrow but with beef lol, whole shallots and chunky veg. I canny wait!

Have got no further with twilight. Went to bed last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was sound. Didnt even realise that John had left for work till I woke up at 9am lol.

Saturday night tv is crap so I might get some of my book read tonight.

Friday, 6 February 2009

woo it is Friday

well it has been a pretty boring day. Work, hair cut the home for diner.

Now having a wee glass of wine! What a surprise!

did not get far with my book read about 10 pages and fell asleep lol

Well I am off to watch QI and Not Going out. Then off to bed to try agian with my book.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Is it not Friday yet?

Woke up to realise that the weather man had lied AGAIN! No snow! Was gutted cos I really wanted the day off work. Had a visit to Donaldson's School today and it was a waste of time because no parents turned up....who in their right mind would when its sooo cold outside???

So work today was unproductive. Well until I got back to the office and did loads of enquiries that were left from last weeks rush.

Read more of twilight last night and it is very easy reading. Just going back to bed now to read more. Was in bed but realised I had not done this blog and could not handle the grief from .... you know who you are!!!! so i got back up!

Well that's it done so back to bed to read.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Back on track

Had a nightmare day at work - even visualised using my keyboard as a weapon! But hey ho.

Managed to upload one photo of me today woohoo lol Getting used to the settings in here now. really need to get the software on the computer so I can get the photos off my phone.

Got home and made 2 dinners tonight's and tomorrows. Mega lentil soup for tomorrow nights did dins lol Always prefer soup the 2nd day.

While I was waiting for John to finish work I started reading twilight and I am enjoying it so far. Going to go to bed early so I can read some more.

Football on the TV tonight so its puter for me then bed!


Yet another fantastic blog candy on offer here


Well it is only the 4th of the month and I have failed already! Did not post yesterday... mind you did nowt worth posting lol

Monday, 2 February 2009

What a busy day

For a day off work I have been very busy! Mostly tying to keep my car on the road! Had 3 close shaves today. Once with a lampost and twice I was nearly in someones garden! Was scary.

Went to see my pals new baby he is getting bigger all the time and such a cutie then it was off to pick up my mum and head to the gym.

Been swimming today and had lunch with ma maw and sis at the gym. Then off to livingston centre for a wee bit of retail therapy to ease my nerves lol Got beautiful green leather gloves and a fab new bracelet. Oops and thats me trying hard to curb spending this month!

I now feeling a tad sore after all the swimming so going for a hot bath before watching 24!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

It just can not be February already!

I can not believe that its February! I just hope the next 7 months go as fast! Only 215 slleps till my holiday now! WOOHOO

Starting to get used to this now, have even managed to a few bits and bobs about myself AND I did it all by myself lol.

My challenge to myself is to try and write at least something each day this month, although I do bugger all so it may be a tad boring!!! lol

Well once I have finished perving over Nadal in the Tennis my plan is to finish reading Tess Gerristen's The Bone Garden. Have to finish it by tomorrow as it is a library book that i borrowed from a work colleague.

I might even get round to adding the software to my computer so I can add photos!