Sunday, 29 March 2009

Made a booboo

After some constructive criticism I have removed the teddy! I had planked him there to fill a gap and now realise that it was just too much. Thank god for Deb!!! Would have hated to give that to my boss when I was not truely happy with it. Looks better now with just the bow.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

My first ever commission

Well after making my roast pork diner in my new shoes! I managed to spend an hour making a card my boss asked me to do for her nephew who has just had a wee boy. Was a tad scared as I have only ever made cards for fun so far. But hey ho she knows I am only just a beginner so she will just have to like it! lol Even managed to use my new Claire Curd sentiment stamps.
Now all I have to do is a 50th wedding anniversary card for her mum and dad. And I am pooping myself on that one cos it will have to be good. Got ideas in my head just need to try them out.........

Back to blogland!

Yes I know I have been a bad blogger again! Have done no crafting so nothing to report there!
Finally got my new camera! It is fab.
Spent ages in Jessops trying to make my mind up lol It has soooo many features that I will prob never use! It even automatically takes a pic if you smile! This is my first pic I took the colours are pretty good. Can not wait to get out and about in Glasgow tomorrow to take some more.

We are going to Glasgow tomorrow to see Jimmy Carr, and we are staying at the Hilton! Woo hoo. Got the Hilton cheaper than what we would have paid for room only at the travel inn. A bit of luxury never hurt no one me thinks. I am sooo looking forward to it especially to finally getting to wear my new shoes. Yup the ones that Deb was parading round Mar's kitchen in her purple socks! I so wish I had my camera for that! So lastly here is a pic of my new fav shoes!

I am off now to get the face mask on my case packed in prep for tomorrow. Will hopefully have some cards to show in the next few days got 2 that I have to do by Tuesday.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Whole Load of Crafting!

Well it is late so I am not going to ramble on, just going to post photos of my latest cards. Finally feel like I am getting somewhere! woohoo
Did another mother's day card, this time for my maw. A birthday card for whoever! And a good luck card for someone who is taking their theory test soon.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday's crafting

Well I have made a start and made a Mother's Day card. It is the first time that I am truly happy with a card! I am starting to see different ways of laying things out now, even in my dreams!!! I got it bad!!!!!!!

And I got to use my favorite thing! Flock lol . The flowers, vase and leaves are all flocked.

Here is the card I made for Rory's Birthday. I tried to make it look like a magic wand as he loves his magic.

You have to excuse the bog roll in every pic! The bathroom is the only place I get good enough light to take photos and the bog roll holder is a great place to sit them lol

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Photo of my 4am card

Made this using the free downloads worked out quite well.

I am also soooo gutted cos the card I made for Rory's Birthday did not arrive on time! I hate Royal Mail!

Spent all afternoon TRYING to make a card for a 60 year old man! What a disaster! eventually got the watercolour pencils out and coloured a Hamish stamp that Deb had given me a while back. Still was not happy with the card but he got it anyway lol I had ran out of time. Not doing any more mannies cards!!!!!!

And here is why lol

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Card making at 4 am!

Cant sleep so got up and of course the first thing I thought to do was make a card! Have spent the last hour cutting out a Daisy and Dandelion Decoupage. Then spent a wee while changing the look of my blog. I am now off to finish the decoupage and attach it to a card, will show the results later. That is if I have been cutting straight at this time in the morning! lol

Monday, 9 March 2009

new cards

I have spent this morning being a taxi, taking a dvd player back to ASDA (knew there was a reason I do not shop there!) and making two cards. Can only post one cos the other is for Mar's boy's Birthday. Will post it after the event lol.

Ok the card below is for a freind at work who has just found out she is expecting. So I guess it is a parents to be card lol

Ok I am now off to watch the film twilight. xx

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Och I canny do this photo malarky it is so not working for me!

got my delivery from Mad about Cards not had a chance to use any of it yet!
Been to busy watching the police out side my window! There was a murder just outside my house last night! What is this world coming too!!!

Made a card with my niece on Thursday too.

Well have just decided to go into Edinburgh for a wee drinkie. So not crafting today either !

Monday, 2 March 2009

New Card and NICKY LOL

Well I had to work on Saturday!! It was Signpost's Development Day. We spent the morning in a meeting room of the local Bar/restaurant. Then when we had finished all my bosses and the committee went home! Welllllll not myself and Nicky! I got home at midnight! Slightly the worse for wear lmao

Nicky could not seem to stay on the couch and kept landing on the floor! lol. We had a fantastic night with LOADS of laughs! I may not live to see tomorrow when Nicky has a look at these photos lol

Spent an hour or so crafting last night, after I got rid of the rough feeling!

Was my friends Birthday today and she likes butterflies so was an easy card to do.

She appeared to like it anyway!