Friday, 24 April 2009

Crafting afternoon with Ellie

My niece Ellie has been bugging her mum for weeks to come see her Auntie Manda cos she want to make cards. So yesterday I picked her up from school and we got to play!
She made 2 cards one of which was a Smirk decopage (or as she called it a dec obama lol) She had great fun, the concentration on her face was so funny. She loved playing with the bug, and thought it was sooo clever lol

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Lesson Learnt

THOUGHT I had done my first ever challenge card. Over in Whiff of Joy the challenge was : black and white with a splash of colour. The ONLY stipulation was it had to be one of their stamps. Well with me not knowing diddly squat about stamps I had looked at the banner and saw that they did Elizabeth Bell stamps, so off I went to Debz blog to see if the stamped images she had so kindly given me was suitable.

After making the card I thought I should just check to make sure! Asked Deb as she was online and yup you guessed it I used a Sugar Nellie! Oh well it is another card that can go in my pile of "will give it to someone sometime"
My colouring still needs lots of work but I was quite pleased with how this card worked out. I love the black and white theme.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Mar's Get Well Card

What a bloody palaver!!!!!! Have now made 2 cards as I was not happy with the first one. After ripping it to bits and making the second one I now think I might have prefered the first one! Also I have now realised I have no envelope big enough to put the new card in! Mar is going to have to pretend to open it lol

First Attempt

What Mar will get! lol

Just heading uop there now so here's hoping she not going to be online afore I get there lol

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Whiff of Joy summer stamps and Candy

Nip over to Whiff of Joy the are taking pre-orders for their new summer stamps! The Summer Kit, as well as the 6 brand new, never before seen, main character stamps, you also get 5 accessory stamps, designed by Elisabeth Bell and 4 text stamps, designed by Katharina (in English). And all for the fantastic price of 28 Euros - that works out at less than 1.90 Euro per stamp!!!!!
You can either click on the link above or on the banner in my sidebar to take you straight to Whiff of Joy and get buying...

And just to make things more fun, Katharina has some fabulous blog candy - 2 super lucky people are going to win the Summer Kit.
Just click here to find out how to enter. Ends 1st May.

Good Luck everyone!


Saturday, 18 April 2009

My DS and Candy

I have bought an R4 for my DS and finally managed to get games loaded onto it yesterday. (Thanks Nicky!) Only put 15 games on it so far but needless to say I have had to charge the DS twice! So no crafting happening in this house this weekend me thinks. It is all my fav puzzle games and Mario! I am in gaming heaven lol

Lainy has some fab blogoversary candy on offer nip over and have a look!

Oh nearly forgot ordered some cuttlebug embossing folders, the funky circles die cut, pearlescent papers and some brads from Handy Hippo, Came really fast considering I ordered during the public holidays. I have only had a quick try of them so far but after my eyes can take no more DS I will get started on some cards! lol

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My poor wee Maw!

My poor wee Maw has got chicken pox! I am sure she must be the oldest person ever to get them! Poor scone is covered in them, and it is getting worse! I have never had Chicken pox and doubt I ever will, have been in contact with it sooo much I must have immunity.

Came home from work made mince and taittes for diner then straight on to crafting a get well card for my Maw this time! (have done Mar's will post once I have given her it)

Monday, 13 April 2009

AWWWW Thanks

Got this lovely card from my pal Nicky Who has just started crafting. We are both kinda started at the same time! We are now both hooked! Thanks Mar and Debz!!! lol you pair have cost me a fortune!

Any hoo I was soo pleased to get this card fae Nik, even although she got me VERY lost on my way to get my new cuttlebug on Thursday! She makes a better crafter than a navigator! lol
She has just made a blog so nip in and say Hi! xxxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009


I have played with the cuttlebug and have spent ages cutting various thickness of card so I can use my Fiskars texture boards too. Attempted to make a get well card for Mar but made a pigs ear of it! So now I need to start over.

Bought a new home cinema system with our winnings and while I was clearing out I found an old handbag behind the couch. In a zip compartment I found £68 how happy was I!!!!!

All in all it has been a very lucky week for us!

Well I am off to go and try to make a decent card for Mar!

Thursday, 9 April 2009



I got a cuttlebug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to play! Be back soon lol

Acceptance card

Made this a few nights ago really happy with it. Think I am starting to get there. lol
Used my velum and paper mania paper I got from Mad about cards, drew a glass onto card and cut it out. Added some glitter glue and flocking glitter to the glasses. The sentiment was printed from computer. Added a few peel offs that were in my drawer. And hey presto! lol

Hen Night

Well it was a fantastic night if you are ever in Glasgow it is well worth a visit to Shanghai Shuffle
We had a ball. Hangover on Saturday was cured by a wee win on the Grand National! Hubby had asked the girl to help him in the shop as he is not a frequent gambler, he read out the horses and she put them on for him. Well............ When he got home he realised she had not put the horse My Will on but Mon Mome, he was going daft as it was 100-1 outsider lol You should have seen us jumping about the living room when it romped home! Hangover gone!!!!! £404 in our pocket lol Hmmmm I can feel a trip to buy a cuttlebug now! lol
Any how here is a few of the pics from Friday night.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Just a quickie

I am just about to go and get ready for my first hen night in years! Thought I would quickly post the card I did for my boss. Has to be said she was not too enthusiastic when she saw it lol But hey ho my mojo was kinda lacking at 10pm last night!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Anniversary card

Spent tonight watching Gan Tarino and making a card for my boss. The film was great!

This is just an extra card that maybe her kids can give to their grandparents. I forgot to lift the wedding photo that I need for the one I am making for my boss. DOH
The second photo was to show that the cake is a decoupage. I stamped the cake 3 times to give it that 3D look. The first photo doesn't show this. Quite happy with it. It will do! lol
Now going off to bed to watch the football highlights to see if I recognise any of the hunks from the weekend! tata for now.

What a fantastic weekend!

Yup I know I am late posting again!!! Well our night at the Hilton was eventful! We had just checked in when the Icelandic football team arrived! I did not know where to look! Each one was better looking than the next! After I had put my case in our room I was straight back down to the lobby for a wee look see lol. Got john to go to the bar to get me a glass of wine (as you do!) which also was my LAST glass of wine! £8.95 a GLASS I nearly dropped on the floor! Anyhoo bought a corkscrew for the bottle we brought with us (dunderheed here thought it was a screw top doh) and headed back to our room. Had a lovely Italian meal and off to see Jimmy Carr he was HILARIOUS. When we got back to the hotel we found out that the Celtic player John Hartson was having a charity do upstairs. So we stayed in the bar for a few drinks, I went on to the cocktails as they were ONLY £10 lol. John was like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting too see if he could see him. Not only did he get to see him he got his photo taken with him, it made his night! Simple things and all that lol

Next morning feeling a tad rough and after the most fantastic breakie I have ever had in a hotel I decided a wee trip to the spa was in order. (thought the swim might clear my head!) Got in the lift only for it to stop and 9 lovely Icelandic men got in with their shorts on ready to go to training! Well that made my weekend Simple things and all that lol

After we checked out we headed to the Kelvingrove gallery where the Dr Who exhibition was being shown was sooo good. Then wee look round the gallery was so chuffed cos I got to see an original Laurie.

Took loads of photos here are a few.......