Saturday, 30 May 2009

Promarkers challenge part 5

ok this is my last card for the challenge! Starting to push my luck me thinks heehee

Made this from my freind in Sweeden who has just got a new house.

Used the colours - blush: ivory:lavender: cornflower: blue pearl:China blue: lilac:Amethyst.

Fantasic night out

We had a charity night for my work last night and it was great!

There was a great live band, my hubby even got to pogo about to teenage kicks! That was a sight to see!!!!!

This is a photo of Nicky and my hubby (the guy dressed all in black) dancing lol
We managed to make £500 which is great! Keeps my wages coming in lol Wine in the fridge heehee!

Promarkers challenge part 4

Yet another enrty to the fantasic PfP challenge
In this image i used - apple: grass: meadow green: blush: ivory: sandstone: cocoa: umber: canary : mustard :

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Promarkers challenge part 3 lol

Well this is my third card.
Colours used are :blush: ivory: lavender: cornflower: blue pearl:China blue: lilac: apple: grass: meadow green.
I am so enjoying using the precision instruments! Thanks to all at PfP for this very exciting challenge!

Well done Nicky!!!

My pal Nicky passed her driving test first time today! I am sooooo chuffed for her. Made this card very quickly to give to her tomorrow. The white letters show up better on the card than on the photo HONEST lol

Passion for ProMarkers challenge part 2

Did this card yesterday afternoon, went very simple as I had stressed too much about the first one lol

The image is actually my first ever attempt using the ProMarkers. So I just had to make it into a card lol

All I have used is ProMarkers, a card blank and a stamped image.
ProMarker colours used: Blush, ivory, grass, rose pink, blossom, dusky pink, meadow green and apple.

Hoping to get more cards made today lol I am going for an entry a day lmao

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Blog Candy

Ida is celebrating having 7500 hits on her blog along with being selected as a Design Team Member at Passion for Promarkers (Well Done!)

All you have to do is pop over here to her blog, leave a comment and link to the candy on your blog. For every 20th comment on her candy post she will add another item to what she's already giving away!!! WOW

My first EVER challenge card

Over at passion for promarkers they have the most amazing challenge for this week. you can use any colour and wow what prizes!

This is my first ever challenge card and my first use of promarkers!
I used - Promarkers - blush: ivory: sandstone: cocoa: umber: canary : mustard : blossom: rose pink : dusky pink.
Papers were from my stash.
Good luck to all that enter!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Still in love with my markers lol

Had my niece Ellie staying with me last night, she was an angel as usual. Even when I had to wake her at 7am! We had to go and collect my mum and dad from the airport. It was a surprise as she did not know where we were going. At one point she was convinced that we were going to see The Singing Kettle as we were heading in the direction of Glasgow lol (she has seen them twice there before) A wee photo of her with my colouring pencils, have given up with them now I have my "precision instruments" lol

Now need to stop clouring images and make some cards with the pile I have done! Will be fun trying to find papers to match now oops lol

Friday, 22 May 2009

First attemp with my "precision instruments"

Now just got to go and buy one of those white pens to add highlights. I am really quite pleased at my first attempt with the promarkers.

I got Ellie staying with me this weekend so will have to hide them!!! Her favorite thing is to draw! She touches ma markers she faces my wrath lol

sooo excited

My promarkers arrived today! I am just about to head to Debs blog for my tutorial. Will be back later with my first attempt. That is if I find the charger for the camera! My darling hubby tidied up!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Michelle is celebrating her birthday by giving away some fab candy just click here for to enter.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Promarker order

I received a phone call from Angela at Angel Crafts on Sunday night to let me know one of the pens is out of stock. Was offered another colour or to wait till the order comes in. (Tues or Wed) What fantastic service! I really wanted to say nooo I want them now! lol but I am going to wait till they can all come. Still can not believe that she phoned on a Sunday lol I am so used to waiting a while for my orders from Mad about Cards lol
Angela even sent me an email with some useful blogs. Did make me chuckle that the first on the list is Debs!
Will definitely be using this site again!

Friday, 15 May 2009


Well after seeing Debs tutorials on the promarkers and receiving her gorgeous wallet. I have decided to bite the bullet and buy some. I just cant get the hang of the pencils!

So that is now my excuse for not doing any crafting today! I cant till I get ma pens! lol

So it is off to play with my DS!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I am back

Had a fantastic break! Can not believe how good a weekend we had. We got a lovely huge 3 bedroom caravan. And we only had a half day of bad weather! Woohoo. This is just a quick post to show off some of the photos.

The cottage where Robert Burns was born.

View from the "Brig o Doon"

A wee village we found

Not a clue what it was called

Still not done any crafting! I have an afternoon of crafting planned on Friday especially now that I received my nesties in the post today along with a gorgeous folder from Deb with some lovely stamped images. THANK YOU DEB XXXX you are a star!

Just have to practise like mad to try and get half as good as Deb at colouring in the images now!

WHAT A TASK!!! lol

Thursday, 7 May 2009

No photos cos I done no crafting!

Well all good intentions went out the window last night. No ironing done and no crafting lol. Went to my mum's instead and Ellie was there, so what was going to be a quick visit to drop off a present ended up being a 2 hour play with Ellie lol She ended up staying at my mum and dads so I read her a bedtime story too. then it was back home for a bath and bed! Was shattered.

Good news!!!!!!!

I am now in a good mood!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO
Do not know what was wrong with me the last few days just glad it has lifted!
Well it is defo ironing tonight while I (hopefully) watch the Jambos hammer the Hibees!
Might even have a wee glass of wine as I iron and watch the football, got no work to get up for in the morning woo!

Catch up when I get back from my wee mini break xxxx

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mood still not lifted

Yup still in such a bad mood. Just can not seem to lift it. Mind you it did not help looking up the weather forecast for the weekend! HAIL!!!!! We are going away for the weekend to Sundrum Castle near Ayr. I can just imagine me stuck in a caravan with hail hitting off the roof and bottle of wine in hand lmao But hey ho it was the BBC weather forecast and when have they known to be right huh.
Will be getting all my ironing done tonight oh joy! Just typing that is pulling my mood further down lol. Hate ironing!
If I get a spare hour I may even attempt a card, or even play about with my pencils.
So there may be photos tomorrow!


Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Well what a disaster! The card that is NOT the wedding! As I was getting ready to leave I lifted the card to put in the envelope and.... the bloody ink had not dried!
(even after 30 hours!) Smudged to smithereens. Had to run about like a headless chicken trying to fix up something before the taxi arrived. The card I had stamped the sentiment onto obviously was too shiny to take ink. Wont be making that mistake again!

Had a great night at the reception!
Any hoo I am off to see if I can lift my mood. Been in a terrible mood all day!
Catch up soon x

Friday, 1 May 2009

Wedding Card

OMG!!!!!!!! What a nightmare this has been. I have used 4 sheets of paper, and 5 sheets of card that are all now in the bin! Everything I did looked awful. I was trying to keep to a pink theme as I know Donna's bridesmaids are in pink but it just did not work for me. I had a piece of velum with the most lovely verse and I was determined it was going on the card. Nothing seemed to work. So have given up on trying to be clever and went for a simple card and hope the words say it all.......

So I am now off to enjoy a well deserved glass of wine! Will be back on Sunday with photos from the wedding.