Monday, 10 August 2009

Better late then never

I am a bad bad blogger! Not updated my page in ages! Opps
Have made a few cards but only have one to share. Made my Sister a Birthday card last week.

Have also been making some mock ups of Jennifer's wedding invitations. We were very happy with one of them so looks like I have about 100 of them to make! Thankfully they are very simple, and Jennifer wants to help!

John and I were at the Edinburgh Fringe on Saturday night, it was mega. We went to "Forth on the fringe" Radio Forth is our local radio station and they had organised loads of great acts to appear to raise funds for their "cash for Kids" charity. We saw The Chippendales (yum yum), four comedians, a variety act and some singers, the Proclaimers played their first acoustic set in 20 years and they were fab!

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  1. gorgeous card Manda

    sounds like you had a ball at your night out