Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday's crafting

Well I have made a start and made a Mother's Day card. It is the first time that I am truly happy with a card! I am starting to see different ways of laying things out now, even in my dreams!!! I got it bad!!!!!!!

And I got to use my favorite thing! Flock lol . The flowers, vase and leaves are all flocked.

Here is the card I made for Rory's Birthday. I tried to make it look like a magic wand as he loves his magic.

You have to excuse the bog roll in every pic! The bathroom is the only place I get good enough light to take photos and the bog roll holder is a great place to sit them lol


  1. Aw Manda what a lovely Mother's Day card, your Maw will be thrilled when she receives it :-)
    Well Done!
    Giving a wee chuckle here at you posting about the toilet roll holder ( I can't say bog its coorse as Deb would say) I wouldn't have noticed thats what it was until you pointed it out! Lol
    Think I might need to buy some of those letters you used for Ro's card soon ;-) x

  2. nope, I didn't notice the toilet roll either til you mentioned it lol

    love the cards - you're a fully fledged crafter now xx

  3. Seeing cards in your dreams - I love it! Also did not notice the toilet roll, but I'll be sure to look out for it in future :-) Great cards. Keep it up!