Monday, 2 March 2009

New Card and NICKY LOL

Well I had to work on Saturday!! It was Signpost's Development Day. We spent the morning in a meeting room of the local Bar/restaurant. Then when we had finished all my bosses and the committee went home! Welllllll not myself and Nicky! I got home at midnight! Slightly the worse for wear lmao

Nicky could not seem to stay on the couch and kept landing on the floor! lol. We had a fantastic night with LOADS of laughs! I may not live to see tomorrow when Nicky has a look at these photos lol

Spent an hour or so crafting last night, after I got rid of the rough feeling!

Was my friends Birthday today and she likes butterflies so was an easy card to do.

She appeared to like it anyway!


  1. what a lovely card manda.
    and OMG Nicky is gonna kill you - the first one looks like she has horns.

  2. Aw Cheryl's birthday card is so pretty :-) Well Done You!
    Looks like you & Nicky had a brill time on Saturday but......OH you are SO dead when she looks at what you've posted! :-O Lol x

  3. Wee something on my blog for you! x

  4. wee something on my blog for you too