Monday, 9 March 2009

new cards

I have spent this morning being a taxi, taking a dvd player back to ASDA (knew there was a reason I do not shop there!) and making two cards. Can only post one cos the other is for Mar's boy's Birthday. Will post it after the event lol.

Ok the card below is for a freind at work who has just found out she is expecting. So I guess it is a parents to be card lol

Ok I am now off to watch the film twilight. xx


  1. its lovely manda, bet they'll be chuffed with it

  2. Hi Manda

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Your blog is brilliant - I love all the hearts (I wonder why??).

    My blog is still very boring as I haven't learnt how to decorate it yet but it is ok for now.

    Your cards are good too. You have some great ideas. I think we are all critical of our own creations when comparing them to others.

    I bet the "Mummy to be" loved your latest creation.

    Will catch you again. Love Jules xx

  3. Gorgeous card.....Well Done You :-)
    Did try to post on Tues night (I think?) & the word verification thing just kept loading! A wee blogger glitch me thinks?
    So proud of all your creations! x