Saturday, 14 March 2009

Photo of my 4am card

Made this using the free downloads worked out quite well.

I am also soooo gutted cos the card I made for Rory's Birthday did not arrive on time! I hate Royal Mail!

Spent all afternoon TRYING to make a card for a 60 year old man! What a disaster! eventually got the watercolour pencils out and coloured a Hamish stamp that Deb had given me a while back. Still was not happy with the card but he got it anyway lol I had ran out of time. Not doing any more mannies cards!!!!!!

And here is why lol


  1. both cards are fab Manda - men's cards are not easy, even for those folk who've been crafting for years. But you've done a great job. and the 4am card is just gorj!!

  2. Well done Manda! I know just how you feel, I've just finished my 4th male card, funny I also used an image Debbi had sent me. I have one to go, and wish it was over already :-) You did a great job.

  3. You can post the pic of Ro's card now, cos as you know he got it yesterday ;-)
    Well Done its a fab card & has got pride of place at the front on the mantelpiece!
    Aw your recent cards are lovely & I agree men's cards are NOT easy....Don't be so hard on yourself.
    Least you are making just now - I can't even find the mojo today! :-( x