Saturday, 28 March 2009

Back to blogland!

Yes I know I have been a bad blogger again! Have done no crafting so nothing to report there!
Finally got my new camera! It is fab.
Spent ages in Jessops trying to make my mind up lol It has soooo many features that I will prob never use! It even automatically takes a pic if you smile! This is my first pic I took the colours are pretty good. Can not wait to get out and about in Glasgow tomorrow to take some more.

We are going to Glasgow tomorrow to see Jimmy Carr, and we are staying at the Hilton! Woo hoo. Got the Hilton cheaper than what we would have paid for room only at the travel inn. A bit of luxury never hurt no one me thinks. I am sooo looking forward to it especially to finally getting to wear my new shoes. Yup the ones that Deb was parading round Mar's kitchen in her purple socks! I so wish I had my camera for that! So lastly here is a pic of my new fav shoes!

I am off now to get the face mask on my case packed in prep for tomorrow. Will hopefully have some cards to show in the next few days got 2 that I have to do by Tuesday.


  1. hope you have a great night out Manda - am so jealous of those shoes.
    anyone who knows me - knows I'm not a shoe and bag kinda girl, but those shoes were fabber than fab. Even I (the girls who can't walk in heels) thought they were the comfiest shoes on earth.
    You so missed that photo opportunity with me in my purple socks - didn't exactly go with the shoes did they??

  2. Ah those shoes are just lush & I bet you'll look great wearing them ;-)
    Can just picture you in the Hilton bar sipping your cocktail later this evening!
    Hope you enjoy Jimmy Carr & have a brill night......Looking forward to seeing the pics with your new camera!