Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What a fantastic weekend!

Yup I know I am late posting again!!! Well our night at the Hilton was eventful! We had just checked in when the Icelandic football team arrived! I did not know where to look! Each one was better looking than the next! After I had put my case in our room I was straight back down to the lobby for a wee look see lol. Got john to go to the bar to get me a glass of wine (as you do!) which also was my LAST glass of wine! £8.95 a GLASS I nearly dropped on the floor! Anyhoo bought a corkscrew for the bottle we brought with us (dunderheed here thought it was a screw top doh) and headed back to our room. Had a lovely Italian meal and off to see Jimmy Carr he was HILARIOUS. When we got back to the hotel we found out that the Celtic player John Hartson was having a charity do upstairs. So we stayed in the bar for a few drinks, I went on to the cocktails as they were ONLY £10 lol. John was like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting too see if he could see him. Not only did he get to see him he got his photo taken with him, it made his night! Simple things and all that lol

Next morning feeling a tad rough and after the most fantastic breakie I have ever had in a hotel I decided a wee trip to the spa was in order. (thought the swim might clear my head!) Got in the lift only for it to stop and 9 lovely Icelandic men got in with their shorts on ready to go to training! Well that made my weekend Simple things and all that lol

After we checked out we headed to the Kelvingrove gallery where the Dr Who exhibition was being shown was sooo good. Then wee look round the gallery was so chuffed cos I got to see an original Laurie.

Took loads of photos here are a few.......


  1. Aw so glad you had a fantastic wk-end :-)
    Pics are great you look lovely espec with your BIG glass of expensive wine!
    Oh that thing with the spaghetti face is creepy......Hope thats not the Icelandic manager? Lol x

  2. is that last photo of you - the morning after? hahahahahahahah
    glad you had a great time

  3. You are one cheeky mare Miss Robertson!!!!!!