Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My poor wee Maw!

My poor wee Maw has got chicken pox! I am sure she must be the oldest person ever to get them! Poor scone is covered in them, and it is getting worse! I have never had Chicken pox and doubt I ever will, have been in contact with it sooo much I must have immunity.

Came home from work made mince and taittes for diner then straight on to crafting a get well card for my Maw this time! (have done Mar's will post once I have given her it)


  1. thats lovely Manda, bet it cheers yer maw up heaps.
    tell her get well soon fae us

  2. Aw Manda, your poor wee mammy! I had chicken pox when I was 24, they say its worse when you take it as an adult. Hope your Mum is better soon honey. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. Hope your wee Maw is feeling a bit better Manda?
    Bet her lovely card cheered her up!