Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Lesson Learnt

THOUGHT I had done my first ever challenge card. Over in Whiff of Joy the challenge was : black and white with a splash of colour. The ONLY stipulation was it had to be one of their stamps. Well with me not knowing diddly squat about stamps I had looked at the banner and saw that they did Elizabeth Bell stamps, so off I went to Debz blog to see if the stamped images she had so kindly given me was suitable.

After making the card I thought I should just check to make sure! Asked Deb as she was online and yup you guessed it I used a Sugar Nellie! Oh well it is another card that can go in my pile of "will give it to someone sometime"
My colouring still needs lots of work but I was quite pleased with how this card worked out. I love the black and white theme.


  1. wow, its gorgeous Manda - and hey, we've all done silly things like thatg with challenges. Will stamp you up some whiff of joy stamps so you have a wee supply for next time

  2. Aw Manda this is beautiful. I hate when that happens and you don't read the thing right, I've done it loads of times. P.s got my cuttlebug from same place as you. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. Och thats a shame about the challenge but.....theres always next time?!
    Gorgeous card too :-) Well done you x