Monday, 13 April 2009

AWWWW Thanks

Got this lovely card from my pal Nicky Who has just started crafting. We are both kinda started at the same time! We are now both hooked! Thanks Mar and Debz!!! lol you pair have cost me a fortune!

Any hoo I was soo pleased to get this card fae Nik, even although she got me VERY lost on my way to get my new cuttlebug on Thursday! She makes a better crafter than a navigator! lol
She has just made a blog so nip in and say Hi! xxxx


  1. aww thats lovely - so It was Nicky's Mystery Tours the other day was it? lol

  2. Love getting a card through the post, its always more welcome than bills lol. Poor Nicky, I'm useless too at directions however if there is a shop nearby I usually can remember that lol. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. What a lovely card Nicky made you :-)
    Lol at you getting lost!