Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mood still not lifted

Yup still in such a bad mood. Just can not seem to lift it. Mind you it did not help looking up the weather forecast for the weekend! HAIL!!!!! We are going away for the weekend to Sundrum Castle near Ayr. I can just imagine me stuck in a caravan with hail hitting off the roof and bottle of wine in hand lmao But hey ho it was the BBC weather forecast and when have they known to be right huh.
Will be getting all my ironing done tonight oh joy! Just typing that is pulling my mood further down lol. Hate ironing!
If I get a spare hour I may even attempt a card, or even play about with my pencils.
So there may be photos tomorrow!



  1. och lighten up you auld crab!! lol
    well if the weather's cack it just means you can stay inside, crack open a bottle or two and puddle around with yer pencils.
    have fun with your ironing lol

  2. Och I think it'll be cosy in the caravan, you & John snuggled up with a bottle of wine....Mind & let him have some?! (Wine that is) Lol ;-)
    Enjoy your wk-end away! x