Sunday, 24 May 2009

Still in love with my markers lol

Had my niece Ellie staying with me last night, she was an angel as usual. Even when I had to wake her at 7am! We had to go and collect my mum and dad from the airport. It was a surprise as she did not know where we were going. At one point she was convinced that we were going to see The Singing Kettle as we were heading in the direction of Glasgow lol (she has seen them twice there before) A wee photo of her with my colouring pencils, have given up with them now I have my "precision instruments" lol

Now need to stop clouring images and make some cards with the pile I have done! Will be fun trying to find papers to match now oops lol


  1. Aw Ellie's a cutie :-) Lol at her thinking she was going to see 'The Singing Kettles', she should realise by now that you all get dressed up to see them?!
    You'll maybe need a wee spending spree to stock up on papers now? x

  2. God she's getting big - have you been sticking her in a grow bag?
    am never gonna hear the end of this precision instruments am I?