Friday, 22 May 2009

First attemp with my "precision instruments"

Now just got to go and buy one of those white pens to add highlights. I am really quite pleased at my first attempt with the promarkers.

I got Ellie staying with me this weekend so will have to hide them!!! Her favorite thing is to draw! She touches ma markers she faces my wrath lol


  1. haha, yup - all three of mine are under threat of death if they touch my good markers.

    your colouring looks fab, can't wait to see them made into cards

  2. Looks fab hun you have done a brill job hugs Pops x

  3. Great colouring Manda :-) Well Done.
    I SO need to start with my images soon!
    Robbie & Rory are well warned too NOT to touch my pens or pencils....Lol x
    Keep up the good work!