Friday, 1 May 2009

Wedding Card

OMG!!!!!!!! What a nightmare this has been. I have used 4 sheets of paper, and 5 sheets of card that are all now in the bin! Everything I did looked awful. I was trying to keep to a pink theme as I know Donna's bridesmaids are in pink but it just did not work for me. I had a piece of velum with the most lovely verse and I was determined it was going on the card. Nothing seemed to work. So have given up on trying to be clever and went for a simple card and hope the words say it all.......

So I am now off to enjoy a well deserved glass of wine! Will be back on Sunday with photos from the wedding.


  1. Aw Manda sounds like you've had yourself in a right tizz making Donna's wedding card! :-/
    I always find when I have big ideas they also tend to go wrong & I end up wasting loads....My mantra now is def LESS is MORE!
    Your final creation is simple but classy & the vellum verse is just lovely!
    Well Done.
    Have a lovely day at the wedding, hope the sun shines!
    Ps - Still NO folders today :-/ x

  2. Manda its lovely - Mar is right, less is more - often the simplest cards are the most beautiful
    have a great day at the wedding - and dinna drink too much

  3. Hi Manda, just popped on to say I think your wedding card is beautiful. Gorgeous words, it says it all and the backing paper is beautiful too. So classy. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  4. This is gorgeous hun, hugs pops x x