Thursday, 7 May 2009

No photos cos I done no crafting!

Well all good intentions went out the window last night. No ironing done and no crafting lol. Went to my mum's instead and Ellie was there, so what was going to be a quick visit to drop off a present ended up being a 2 hour play with Ellie lol She ended up staying at my mum and dads so I read her a bedtime story too. then it was back home for a bath and bed! Was shattered.

Good news!!!!!!!

I am now in a good mood!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO
Do not know what was wrong with me the last few days just glad it has lifted!
Well it is defo ironing tonight while I (hopefully) watch the Jambos hammer the Hibees!
Might even have a wee glass of wine as I iron and watch the football, got no work to get up for in the morning woo!

Catch up when I get back from my wee mini break xxxx


  1. Glad your back in good mood mode :-) Your wee break will probably do you the world of good.
    Have fun! x

  2. och you're maybe hormonal lol
    have a great weekend quine - hope you get some sun

  3. Hormones! Sometimes its hard to be a woman (don't worry, I won't sing lol) Have a great weekend. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  4. Hey Manda, I would also be in a bad mood if I had ironing waiting for me ;-) I know just how you feel, isn't it strange how our moods can change. As long as you're in a good one now then I'm happy for you :-)