Monday, 18 May 2009

Promarker order

I received a phone call from Angela at Angel Crafts on Sunday night to let me know one of the pens is out of stock. Was offered another colour or to wait till the order comes in. (Tues or Wed) What fantastic service! I really wanted to say nooo I want them now! lol but I am going to wait till they can all come. Still can not believe that she phoned on a Sunday lol I am so used to waiting a while for my orders from Mad about Cards lol
Angela even sent me an email with some useful blogs. Did make me chuckle that the first on the list is Debs!
Will definitely be using this site again!


  1. At least someone is blowing Debbi's trumpet - LOL! Good luck with your markers, and isn't it nice to know such famous well connected people.