Thursday, 12 February 2009

Well I have finally managed to get a photo of my first card! Thanks Mar and Deb! I am hoping to get a new camera at the end of the Month. Have even picked it.

Still not done any more crafting. Need to go get something to colour in the lovely stamps I got from Debz then I will play about at it again. I am so not arty so I am still not sure how it will go lol. Maybe be better after a glass or two of wine lol.

Going to get supplies tomorrow so watch this space.......

Oh and as an after thought I should finish Twilight tonight or tomorrow. Not got much left to read. It is a great book!


  1. gorgeous card manda, you really did a super job.
    and have fun crafty shopping and will try to send down more supplies the morn

  2. Good On You - Posting Your Card pic! :-)
    Gorgeous card & great colours, bet wee Ellie will love it?!
    Oooh what are you planning to buy tomorrow?
    You know where I am if you want anymore Monday lessons! ;-) Lol x
    Glad to read you've enjoyed 'Twilight', I STILL haven't started it yet!

  3. Yer in good hands with Mar G! Cannae go wrong there - you'll just need to meet up on a regular basis to get into the full swoop of crafting [need to protect the bank balance though! LOL]

  4. It is the bank balance I am worried about!!!

    Cant believe what some of the things cost!

  5. hello! Lovely card.
    am a friend online of Debbbi.

    love tina x

  6. Great card. There is no way you are not going to become addicted :-)just like the rest of us.