Sunday, 8 February 2009

Typical Sunday

Have not done much. Been to ma maws to visit.

Must say though my dinner was fantastic! I love good old fashioned stew and tatties (with my wee added touch of course!)

Watched dancing on ice Todd has got to go this week surely! Although it is funny watching him try to stay upright never mind dance on the ice heehee.

Going to see Mar tomorrow Its is her Birthday, but I wont give her age away! (Be there about 10.30ish OK Mar?)

Right off to watch the results show now.

Tata x


  1. Glad you enjoyed your stew :-)
    Yeah 10.30 is fine but....wait & see what the roads are like?! (I don't want you skidding into oor cul de sac like Penelope Pitstop) Lol
    Did you order the BIG snow for my birthday? x

  2. give the old bat a bosie fae me