Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Back on track

Had a nightmare day at work - even visualised using my keyboard as a weapon! But hey ho.

Managed to upload one photo of me today woohoo lol Getting used to the settings in here now. really need to get the software on the computer so I can get the photos off my phone.

Got home and made 2 dinners tonight's and tomorrows. Mega lentil soup for tomorrow nights did dins lol Always prefer soup the 2nd day.

While I was waiting for John to finish work I started reading twilight and I am enjoying it so far. Going to go to bed early so I can read some more.

Football on the TV tonight so its puter for me then bed!


  1. oh you are going to love Twilight, I dare you not to fall in love with Edward

  2. Oooh Nigella you've been busy in the kitchen! (Lol)
    Enjoy Twilight....I know Debz did ;-)
    Well Done on uploading your pic, I love that one of you as a baby!