Sunday, 15 February 2009

Had a good day

My hubby is a SHI* He got me 12 red roses! We had agreed no presents! He only got them to make me fell guilty lol I DONT!

Well it was my neice's Birthday today and she was hyper! She got her bedroom tranfered into a Hannah Montana room. My sister had even covered the door in black bin bags and had a reveal this morning. It looks fab!!!! She has painted the walls white and got transfers of Hannah Montana, Guitars and other girly stuff that goes lol Ellie absolutely LOVED it. I bought her a huge crafting kit! It had over 1000 pieces, she is now 7 but has been into crafts a lot longer than me!! lmao

We went to a local restaurant for lunch with all the family then back home to open our magnum of Bollinger! What a disappointment! It was quite sweet and we drank the whole lot and not even tipsy!

Watched loads of crap tv! Did think about doing some craft work but think I will wait till I can get the hang of the watercolour pencils........



  1. Aw glad you had a good day & that wee Ellie loves her new HM room :-)
    How romantic is John, buying you 12 red roses?
    Wonder if the Bollinger was off or if it maybe wasn't strong enough for you & John?! (Lol)
    Looks fab too in those lovely glasses ;-)
    Great pics, well done uploading them.....Disappointed theres NOT 1 of the card you sent to Deb though! Lmao

  2. I am sure she will post it lol