Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another night of card making

I am quite happy with this card. So much better than the first one I made which is in the bin! I was playing about with colour combinations and made a real mess lol
Was not sure yellow and pink went together but I like the bright colours.
Football is on again tonight so may even make another card!
Had a really awful day today sooo much bad news in one day! Makes me realise how lucky I am!

Any way tomorrow can not be worse, so hurry up tomorrow!


  1. am sending big bosies cos I know you've had a really crap day
    the card is lovely - I love your fun colour combinations, I'm not that brave but maybe I should try as they work perfectly.
    Let me know if your parcel arrives tomorrow

  2. Oh I love the yellow & pink together, I wouldn't have thought of trying that....Well Done! :-)
    Small world when you think we both knew the same bad news?!
    Hope you feel a bit better today (((Hugs))) x