Saturday, 21 February 2009


I have been neglecting my blog!
I got loads of goodies delivered on Thursday from craft superstore. I have only made 2 cards with it so far and I am not very happy with the results! I so have no imagination yet when it come to art! I have even found myself dreaming about making cards!!!! What the hell is that all about????

Had the day from hell yesterday. Will not tell you what I think of our local council because I do not want to have to use the star icon that much! Ended up greeting on the phone I was that angry! Scottish Water are just as bad!

Oh I finished Twilight on Tuesday and I am now on the next one (cant remember the name) Twilight was good easy reading, I am hoping the others are a bit more eventful though.

Well seeing as I cant sleep (been up since 3am) I am going to go try and make a decent card!


  1. you'll love New Moon - I think I bubbled through most of it.

    keep presevering with the cards - if you saw some of my first efforts you'd die laughing

  2. Oh dearie NOT good you had such a bad day on Friday :-(
    I know only TOO well how certain departments of our council can induce temper tear outbursts!
    Hope you manage to get a better nights sleep ;-)
    Keep at the cardmaking....We ALL have times like you are just now! (Thats the MOJO thing) Lol
    I'm on chapter 4 of Twilight, might read a wee bit more when I go to bed!
    Chat soon - Mar x