Saturday, 7 February 2009


Ma team is oot the Scottish Cup :( wtf!

Been quite busy today been food shopping and visited my mother in law. It was her Birthday.

Have even prepared tomorrow nights diner. Got my stew marinading in red wine, garlic and seasoning. Watched Saturday kitchen today and he made an amazing wild boar pie, so that's what I am making tomorrow but with beef lol, whole shallots and chunky veg. I canny wait!

Have got no further with twilight. Went to bed last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was sound. Didnt even realise that John had left for work till I woke up at 9am lol.

Saturday night tv is crap so I might get some of my book read tonight.


  1. there's always wine involved somewhere lol
    and yes, there's bugger all on the telly so get reading

  2. Oh Nigella (Lol) what time is dinner being served? Sounds yummy think I might come down! :-)
    Ok for Monday, let me know what time?
    I'm putting a cardmaking starter kit together for you....NO going back now! Lots o love - M xxx

  3. hiya! popped over from a link on weewiccababes page!
    Have twilight book but haven't started it yet!!
    nice to meet you.

    Tina x

  4. Yoohoo - What are you up to today?
    Something for you on my blog ;-) x

  5. something for you on my blog too

  6. Thought I'd pop over and say hello, I'm a blogging buddy of both Debbi and Mar. Welcome to the world of blogging! You'll soon be addicted. Lainy xx