Monday, 9 February 2009

Made my first card!

HONEST I did, just canny show it lol having major tech difficulties with the software for my phone.

Went to Mar's today to deliver her Birthday present and she sat me down and made me make a card lol

Would love to say I used this that and the other but all I know is I used paper, card, a stamp,something that makes pretty patterns on the cards and colouring in pens!!! lmao

I am sure it was more technical than that but hey I am NEW!

I am really happy with it though even if I now have a sore neck from leaning over the paper for 3 hours! I could have been to hallmark 10 times by then heehee


  1. lmao - hey as long as you enjoyed it - Pamela says she can't believe we've converted another one lol

  2. Look how quick the time passed though cos you were enjoying yourself?! Lol
    I'll try & post a pic of your 1st card on my blog ;-)
    Now....You learned what a Cuttlebug was today & you used it, with the Swiss Dots embossing folder!
    You've also used ProMarkers!
    Learned how to layer & mat & how to mount a stamp to an acrylic block using U-Mount!
    And....You also got to use my new 'Blossom' stamp for the very FIRST time!
    In visiting Hallmark you would'nt have experienced any of the above! Lol

    Thanks for my books & gorgeous card & for visiting today :-) Love Mar x