Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Good day at work

Woohoo Looks like I have a job for another year! The local council have finally decided to give Signpost a bit of funding and that makes up the shortfall we had for the year. The lottery funding has stopped but hey I am sure the London Olympics will be worth it!!!!

Just soooo relieved to still have my job. Didn't even have a glass of wine to celebrate! Being a good girl. Only cos I am saving myself for the magnum of bubbly we have for Saturday. We got it for New Year but did not get round to opening it. Cant wait I love champagne! Wont say what it does to me but John doesn't complain ;)

Even found myself looking at craft sites today ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. WOOHOO - GREAT news about your job & Signpost getting the funding! :-)
    Oooh I LOVE champagne too but the only thing it does to me is make me walk funny & slur my words ;-) Lol
    You & John will be blootered surely after drinking a magnum....You'll be fit for nothing??!!
    See......NOW you are getting the craft bug too!
    Pleased about your good news - Mar xoxox

  2. congrats about your job Manda.
    yup - thats it, you're converted!!