Monday, 23 February 2009


Here are the 3 cards I am willing to show! lol the otheres are in the bin.

Got lost with the dress one and can not think what else to do with it. Coloured it with my smirk glitter pens. I love them lol

Am quite happy with my blue and white card though. might even give that to someone!


  1. they're lovely manda - well done you
    the only thing I would add to the dres card is a wee greeting in the bottom right. theres a very fine line between a nice card and an overdone one

  2. Oh Manda those are very good cards....Well Done!
    I agree with Deb in that it is a VERY fine line between nice & overdone ;-) Adding a wee greeting maybe with the edge inked with a colour from the dress would just finish it! x