Sunday, 1 February 2009

It just can not be February already!

I can not believe that its February! I just hope the next 7 months go as fast! Only 215 slleps till my holiday now! WOOHOO

Starting to get used to this now, have even managed to a few bits and bobs about myself AND I did it all by myself lol.

My challenge to myself is to try and write at least something each day this month, although I do bugger all so it may be a tad boring!!! lol

Well once I have finished perving over Nadal in the Tennis my plan is to finish reading Tess Gerristen's The Bone Garden. Have to finish it by tomorrow as it is a library book that i borrowed from a work colleague.

I might even get round to adding the software to my computer so I can add photos!


  1. have fun with the tennis Manda.
    I've started reading Cecilia Aherne's the gift.

  2. Yeah it is February already & only 8 days til my birthday! :)
    Enjoy the tennis....Bet you only watch Nadal & not the match? (Lol)
    I've never read TG's 'The Bone Garden' yet, still trying to finish 'Cold Granite' with NOT much success (Eyes just won't stay open!)
    Well Done with your blog - Keep up the good work! Love - Mar x