Friday, 13 February 2009

Another day of crafting lol

I have bought watercolour pencils, some sticky pads, double sided tape and some paper today. It came to nearly £20!

Spent the afternoon tyring out the new pencils they take a bit of getting used to but I think I managed an OKish card. Will be able to take photos and the end of the month when I get my new camera! That is if I don't spend all my money on crafting stuff lol

It is my niece's birthday tomorrow so going out for my lunch at a local restaurant the off home to drink my champers! woohoo

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  1. Hi! I've added your blog so that I can follow it! I'm in Bathgate. Enjoy your night out tonight and have a lovely birthday! Crafting will definately become an addiction and practice makes perfect with the watercolour pencils - Look forward to seeing more cards from you!