Monday, 2 February 2009

What a busy day

For a day off work I have been very busy! Mostly tying to keep my car on the road! Had 3 close shaves today. Once with a lampost and twice I was nearly in someones garden! Was scary.

Went to see my pals new baby he is getting bigger all the time and such a cutie then it was off to pick up my mum and head to the gym.

Been swimming today and had lunch with ma maw and sis at the gym. Then off to livingston centre for a wee bit of retail therapy to ease my nerves lol Got beautiful green leather gloves and a fab new bracelet. Oops and thats me trying hard to curb spending this month!

I now feeling a tad sore after all the swimming so going for a hot bath before watching 24!!


  1. what a busy day quine!
    wee tip for driving in snow - stay away from the brakes, use the gears instead if at all possible. Or better still, stay at home where its cosy.

  2. Busy wee bee you eh?!
    Good on you going to the gym & then lunch followed by retail therapy....Excellent :)
    Oh dear your Punto must've been like a sledge today....Scary!
    I've not been out....Sore & sick :( Not good!
    TC - Mar x