Sunday, 8 February 2009

I've been tagged?

Been tagged by Mar, not sure what this is but will give it a go! OK was tagged by Debz too!

Anyway with this tag I've to list 20 random facts about myself & then pass it on to 5 others!(canny do that cos not got 5 friends lol)Ok here goes..........

  1. I have had tetanus.
  2. I support Heart of Midlothian football club
  3. I married a celtic supporter!
  4. It is 205 sleeps till i go on my holiday to Turkey
  5. I am going to see Jimmy Carr in concert in May
  6. I wear size 6 shoes
  7. I cant wear flat shoes! (REALLY MAR I CANNY!)
  8. I have over 1000 badges in pogo games
  9. I love to play on my DS
  10. I can not burp
  11. I love wine!
  12. I love my gadgets
  13. I may very well be about to start talking about paper, sciscors and stamps.
  14. My cup size is E lol
  15. I am trying to grow my nails for the umpteenth time! lol
  16. My favorite animal is a hedgehog
  17. I am still on my first week of blogging
  18. I have a brother and a sister who are both younger than me
  19. I work for a charity called Signpost
  20. I worked for a nursery for children with additional needs for 14 and a half years.

Manda x


  1. Woohoo - Well Done on posting your 20 random facts :-)
    Imagine NOT being able to burp.....Can you fart though? Pmsl x

  2. excuse me!!!! I bloody tagged you too - and you have no excuse for nae tagging 5 folk - get out there and make friends :)