Thursday, 5 February 2009

Is it not Friday yet?

Woke up to realise that the weather man had lied AGAIN! No snow! Was gutted cos I really wanted the day off work. Had a visit to Donaldson's School today and it was a waste of time because no parents turned up....who in their right mind would when its sooo cold outside???

So work today was unproductive. Well until I got back to the office and did loads of enquiries that were left from last weeks rush.

Read more of twilight last night and it is very easy reading. Just going back to bed now to read more. Was in bed but realised I had not done this blog and could not handle the grief from .... you know who you are!!!! so i got back up!

Well that's it done so back to bed to read.


  1. are you talking about Mar? cos I widnae give you grief
    how far on in Twilight are you?

  2. Oh very funny....NO she is talking about you wee bossy boots in Aberdeen! Lol x